Macnica Transparent Interactive OLED Display

Transparent Interactive OLED Displays


Macnica Transparent Interactive Display

We are excited to introduce this 55" Transparent Interactive OLED Display to the Macnica Line

This commercial off-the-shelf 55 inch transparent, P-cap touchscreen display can either sit on a tabletop or be mounted with the included hinges in portrait or landscape format. You can use the transparent monitor like any other display monitor but when not in use, it becomes a see-through glass allowing an unobtrusive view. Transparent OLED blends into its surroundings seamlessly and naturally. The display’s see-through view turns places where it is installed into open and interactive spaces.

Transparency opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Our transparent OLED display is completely see-through, even when switched off. This is a very important factor, especially for merchandisers and designers, thus providing great versatility in displaying interactive content that blends in with the atmosphere.


Turn your environment into a productivity masterpiece. Touch, swipe or pinch; 10-points multi touch gives you full control of your content.

Easy to Install

Plug and play - instantly start using the interactive display. The power adapter and installation hardware (table-top leg stand and mounting hinges) are provided for easy installation in any environment. The transparent interactive display has an IR Sensor, USB and HDMI ports for easy hook up to a PC or media player.


Transparent Interactive OLED Display