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Smart Fitness Displays Advance Wellness


Display Technology That's Advancing Wellness

 Smart Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Use Display Technology to Improve User Experience

From connected bikes and treadmills to rowing and strength training machines or at-home smart displays, smart fitness equipment is providing a better fitness experience. Most equipment now includes huge libraries of live and on-demand workouts, real-time feedback, automatic adjustments, and personalized sessions accessible through interactive touch screens. Macnica has 10+ years of experience supporting the fitness equipment market with unique display products and value-added services. Whether you are designing a smart fitness watch or need an embedded display for workout machines, Macnica has the range of technology and expertise to cover your design requirements.
For small or portable applications, we offer Blanview Technology which provides superior readability under direct sunlight and utilizes extremely low power consumption. It is truly ideal for any kind of portable equipment driven by battery power. If you are building full-size fitness equipment, Macnica has a wide range of solutions for various size requirements, form factors, and resolutions. Standard IPS, wide viewing angle displays are available as well as OLED panels with resolutions up to UHD. Macnica can also provide value add services to these display panels such as Optical Bonding (OCR & OCA), Customized Cover Glass, and Display Enhancements to ruggedize designs. To protect from water, dust, or frequent cleaning of the displays, we can provide IP6X treatment and apply an anti-bacterial or anti-viral coating to keep the users safe.

Smart Fitness Displays Options Include:

  • Display sizes range from 2"-100" and up to UHD resolution
  • IPS and OLED options are available
  • Blanview Low power, Sunlight readable displays
  • Customization such as thin bezels and high brightness
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral coatings and films for added health safety for users
  • IP6X treatment to protect against liquid, dust and frequent cleanings
  • Multiple coverglass options including Gorilla and Drangontrail for ruggedization

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