Safety for High-Touch Display Panels




Concerned about high-touch display surfaces that could be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses? Due to the omnipresence of touchscreens on displays on both private devices (phones, tablets, and laptops) and commercial products and machines, most people who encounter a display expect touch functionality. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, people typically did not consider touchscreens as a potentially dangerous surface, but now the public is wary of uncontrolled public surfaces that could be contaminated with germs.
One way to deal with the contaminated surface is to frequently clean the surface. While effective, it is practically impossible to clean a surface between each use when a public access touchscreen may be used by many people in quick succession. For example, imagine trying to clean a POS kiosk at a fast-food restaurant between customers during a lunch rush. Additionally, frequent cleaning with strong chemicals can damage the display over time. With the surge in public access and machine interface touchscreens in use today, a touch surface that is inherently antimicrobial can help reduce the potential for transmission of infectious diseases.


Macnica offers product designers options to allow safer use and improved durability in touch-enabled products.

Macnica offers Anti-bacterial and anti-viral coatings and films to enhance the safety of touchscreen users. We also offer Anti-finger-smudge and Oleophobic coatings that repel grease and oil, making great options for high-touch or dirty industrial environments. Additionally, Macnica offers IP6X treatment to repel water and dust. IP6X treatment is especially useful in protecting screens that require frequent cleaning such as medical applications, high-touch devices out outdoor applications.


Display enhancements are available for Innolux, Ortustech, and Macnica TFT display modules.

Common module sizes used in touch applications are 5", 7" and 12.3"