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Ruggedized 7.0” Blanview-F TFT LCD is on the horizon


Unveiling the Ruggedized 7.0” Blanview-F TFT LCD Module

Ortustech, a division of Toppan, is releasing a 7.0” Blanview-F Display (WVGA) that seamlessly blends FFS mode and Blanview technology. This fusion promises exceptional outdoor visibility and remarkable low power consumption.

Key Advantages:

  • Low Power Consumption / Low Heat Generation: Efficiency at its core.
  • Vibration Resistance (6.8G) / Wide Temperature Specifications: Built to endure challenging conditions (-30℃ to +85℃).
  • High Contrast / Wide Viewing Angle: A visual treat for any application.

This model's special edge lies in its ability to resist vibrations up to 6.8G, thanks to Blanview's high reflective performance. This unique feature maintains visibility without the need for increased brightness, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Target Applications:

  • HMI for industrial & agriculture equipment
  • EV chargers, and more!


  • Samples ready in March 2024
  • Mass production set for Q1/2025


Ruggedized 7 Blanview-F

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