Blanview by OrtusTech = Sunlight Readable + Low Power Consumption

Blanview - OrtusTech’s Unique Display Technology for Outdoor Applications

Blanview is OrtusTech’s unique TFT-LCD technology enabling the display to create high contrast and crisp images even in bright circumstances where sunlight hits the display surface directly. Built with high-quality amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology know as HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT), which developed through a culmination of 40 years of display expertise. Ortustech has succeeded in generating new type TFT-LCD with a good balance between Sunlight Readability and Low Power Consumption.

Ortustech Blanview HAST TFT technology vs Standard TFT displays

Transmissive Technology

Transmissive is the most common LCD technology that is widely used in many electrical devices. Even though Transmissive can provide clear images in indoor and dark situations, its display readability gets worse in bright outdoor situations. Increasing backlight power can improve the display visibility somewhat, but it boosts total power consumption. This may be a critical impact to battery life in handheld devices.

Transflective Technology

While Transflective is suitable LCD technology for outdoor applications. Transflective has pixels divided into 2 areas, Transmission and Reflection area. The reflection area (reflective electrode) takes a role to reflect incident light from outside. This can give a clear display readability as well as low power consumption. However, the panel transmittance (backlight efficiency) becomes rather lower due to a 2-divided pixel structure. As a result, Transflective inherently has a drawback of large power consumption in indoor or dark conditions. Furthermore, complex pixel structure can cause problems when color levels change from indoors and outdoors. Generally, white color tends to gain yellowish tint outdoors.

Ortustech Blanview technology successfully overcomes drawbacks that Transmissive and Transflective-type TFT-LCDs have respectively.
  1. Good display readability in outdoors and bright environments
  2. Keeping low power consumption in any ambient luminance conditions
  3. High image quality in indoor or dark environments on the same level as Transmissive
  4. Less display performance variation between indoor and outdoor conditions

Blanview Display technology diagram by Ortustech

This unique technology enables Ortustech to take a “hybrid use” of backlight and incident light from outside. Blanview succeeds in not only ensuring superior display readability in any situation, but also decreasing total power consumption.

The evolution of Ortustech Blanview technology is ongoing with new functionalities in development.
  • Blanview-“G” series:
    Robust packaging design (e.g. anti-6.8G-vibration) and wide temperature durability (e.g. Top: -30 to +85°C, Tst: -40 to +95°C)
  • Blanview-“F” series:
    IPS-FFS-based Blanview. Further upgraded Image quality.
  • Blanview-“R” series:
    Good display visibility without backlight assistance by further light reflectance improvement

Blanview TFT-LCDs are a great choice for electronic equipment, facilities and devices which may be used sometimes outdoors and sometimes indoors. The Low-Power-Consumption advantage will extend a battery life of handheld devices.

Applications Include
  • Wearables
  • ATMs
  • POS
  • Marine Navigation
  • Automotive
  • Handheld Devices
  • Industrial Devices

Blanview family offers a wide variety of standard off-the-shelf products in varying display sizes, resolutions, interfaces, characteristics and additional functions. Plus Macnica offers a variety of services to enhance our LCD displays, including OPTICAL BONDINGTOUCH SCREEN and COVER GLASS OPTIONS, and CUSTOMIZED WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS. Would you like to watch a short video about Ortustech Blanview Technology?


The Macnica ODAC Evaluation Kit for Ortustech Blanview technology

The Macnica ODAC Evaluation Kit is a complete kit for evaluation of Ortustech’s “Blanview Technology” TFT-LCDs. The goal of this kit is to provide an easy and portable environment for demo and evaluation of the LCD lineups offered by Ortustech.

Currently available for demonstration by the Macnica team.

Key features
  • Easy to evaluate Ortustech displays
  • Supports RGB, MIPI, CPU and LVDS Interfaces
  • Supports resolution from QVGA to FHD
  • Brightness control and automatic LCD ID verification
  • SD card support to view users own still images
  • Portable for easy outdoor evaluation under the direct sunlight
ODAC Evaluation Kit Box for Ortustech Blanview TechnologyOpen ODAC Ortustech Blanview display evaluation kit box


Currently supported Ortustech LCDs
Part NumberResolutionInterfaceAvailability
COM24H2P29ULC240 x 320CPUAvailable
COM48H4N44ULC480 x 272RGBAvailable
COM50H5N03ULC720 x 1280MIPIAvailable
COM70H7M24ULC800 x 480CPUAvailable



ORTUSTECH’s unique Blanview technology takes advantage of both Transmissive and Transflective displays which utilizes back light and reflective resistors. Blanview enhances the outdoor readability and offers high NTSC ratio under any lighting conditions, even when exposed to the direct sunlight of 100,000lux. Another significant advantage of Blanview technology is the ultra-low power consumption: about 40% to 60% power savings when compared to the traditional Transmissive type display. Blanview LCDs are perfect for any outdoor portable handheld applications driven by the battery power.

Ortustech Part Number List

COM24H2P39ULC2.4240x320(QVGA)CPUBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM24H2P71ULC2.4240x320(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.Wide Temp. Range
Panel made in
COM27H2P63ULC2.7240x320(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM27H2P64UTC2.7240x320(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.w/ Res. TouchPotrait
COM27H2P40ULC2.7240x320(QVGA)CPUBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM27H2P41UTC2.7240x320(QVGA)CPUBlanview, 2nd Gen.w/ Res. TouchPotrait
COM35H3P42ULC3.5240x320(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM35H3P43UTC3.5240x320(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.w/ Res. TouchPotrait
COM35H3P44ULC3.5480x640(VGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM35H3P45UTC3.5480x640(VGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.w/ Res. TouchPotrait
COM37H3P46ULC3.7480x640(VGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.Potrait
COM37H3P47UTC3.7480x640(VGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.w/ Res. TouchPotrait
COM40H4N40ULC4.0480x800(WVGA)MIPIBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM48H4N22ULC4.8720x1280(HD)MIPIBlanview, 2nd Gen.Potrait
COM22H2P22DLC2.2320x240(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.Landscape
COM35T3N95GTC3.5320x240(QVGA)RGBTransmissivew/ Res. TouchLandscape
COM35T3N55ZTC3.5320x240(QVGA)RGBTransmissivew/ Res. TouchLandscape
COM41T4N06GTC4.1320x240(QVGA)RGBTransmissivew/ Res. TouchLandscape
COM41H4N08XLC4.1320x240(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.Landscape
COM43H4N02XLC4.3480x272(WQVGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.Landscape
COM43H4N03XTC4.3480x272(WQVGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.w/ Res. TouchLandscape
COM43H4N44ULC4.3480x272(WQVGA)RGBBlanview, 2nd Gen.Wide Temp. RangeLandscape
COM50T5M80GTC5.0320x240(QVGA)RGBTransmissivew/ Res. TouchLandscape
COM50H5M81XLC5.0320x240(QVGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.Landscape
COM50H5N01ULC5.0800x480(WVGA)LVDSBlanview, 2nd Gen.Wide Temp. RangeLandscape
COM57H5M86KLC5.7640x480(VGA)RGBBlanview, 1st Gen.Landscape
COM70H7M24ULC7.0800x480(WVGA)LVDSBlanview, 2nd Gen.Wide Temp. RangeLandscape


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