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Macnica Displays - Cost-effective LCD Modules - Available Quickly

low cost Macnica displayIf you need a cost-effective LCD display that’s readily available for a product development project with tight timeframes, consider a low cost Macnica display.

Macnica is a global leader in supplying manufacturers with electronic components, software, and various services, including warehousing and distribution.

Our displays are available in small to very large quantities, bringing you high-quality LCDs with quick shipping at extremely competitive prices and low MOQs (minimum order quantities).

Macnica displays are:

  • Available in sizes from 1.33” to 15.6” diagonal
  • Very high quality, with high contrast, high resolution, great color and low power consumption
  • Able to be customized based on client requirements
  • Supported by Macnica technical support based in the United States
Macnica Displays can be used in applications like printers"
macnica displays can be used in test equipment"

Macnica offers a variety of services to enhance our LCD displays, including OPTICAL BONDING, TOUCH SCREEN and COVER GLASS OPTIONS, and CUSTOMIZED WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS. Click to watch a short video of our Optical Bonding process.


Macnica Displays Part Number List

Part NumberSizeResolutionBrightnessTechnology Temp
MA-TG240240C02B-C-A1.33240x240278IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG128128S04A-N-A1.44128x128160TN-20 to 70
MA-TG128128S04A-N-B1.44128x128160TN-20 to 70
MA-TG128160S12B-N-A1.77128x160250TN-20 to 70
MA-TG128160S12B-N-B1.77128x160250TN-20 to 70
MA-TG176220S12A-N-A2176x220150TN-20 to 70
MA-TG176220S12A-N-B2176x220150TN-20 to 70
MA-YG240320C23A-N-A2.4240x320210TN-20 to 70
MA-YG240320C23B-N-A2.4240x320210TN-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S28A-N-A2.4240x320550IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S28A-C-A2.4240x320450IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S27A-N-A2.8240x320350IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S27A-C-A2.8240x320305IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S27A-N-B2.8240x320350IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S29A-N-A2.8240x320320TN-20 to 70
MA-YG240320C10A-N-C3.2240x320500TN-20 to 70
MA-TG320240S22A-N-A3.5320x240600IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG320240S22B-N-A3.5320x240500IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG320480S07A-N-A3.5320x480300TN-20 to 70
MA-TG320480S07A-N-B3.5320x480300TN-20 to 70
MA-TG320480S07A-C-A/C3.5320x480255TN-20 to 70
MA-TG480128S01A-N-A3.9480x128550Bar type TFT IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480128S01B-N-A3.9480x128550Bar type TFT IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480800S13A-N-A3.97480x800280IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480800S13A-N-B3.97480x800280IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480800S13A-C-A3.97480x800238IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S16A-N-A4.3480x272450TN-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S16A-N-B4.3480x272450TN-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S17A-N-A4.3480x272700IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S17B-N-A4.3480x272700IPS-30 to 85
MA-TG480272S18A-N-A4.3480x272700IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S12A-C-D/E4.3480x272382.5TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S01A-N-A4.6800x320350Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S01B-N-A4.6800x320350Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S32A-N-A5800x480350TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S33B-N-A5800x480350IPS-30 to 85
MA-TG800480S25A-C-A/C5800x480297.5TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S02A-N-A6.5800x320330Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S02B-N-A6.5800x320330Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S31A/B-N-A7800x480350TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S28A/B-C-A7800x480297.5TN-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S07A/B-N-A10.11280x800800IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S07C-C-A10.11280x800660IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S06B-N-A10.11280x800350IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S06B-C-A/B10.11280x800305IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1024768S04A-C-B10.41024x768261TN-20 to 70
MA-TG1024768S03A-C-B151024x768244TN-20 to 70
MA-TG19201080C02A-C-A11.61920x1080510IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG19201080S02A-C-A13.31920x1080410IPS0 to 50
MA-TG19201080C01A-C-A/B15.61920x1080510IPS-10 to 60


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