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Cost-effective LCD Displays Available Quickly

If you need a cost-effective LCD display that’s readily available for a product development project with tight timeframes, consider a Macnica display.

Macnica is a global leader in supplying manufacturers with electronic components, software, and various services, including warehousing and distribution.

Our displays are available in small to very large quantities, bringing you high-quality LCDs with quick shipping at extremely competitive prices and low MOQs (minimum order quantities).

Macnica displays are:

  • Available in sizes from 1.33” to 15.6” diagonal
  • Very high quality, with high contrast, high resolution, great color and low power consumption
  • Able to be customized based on client requirements
  • Supported by Macnica technical support based in the United States

Macnica offers a variety of services to enhance our LCD displays, including OPTICAL BONDING, TOUCH SCREEN and COVER GLASS OPTIONS, and CUSTOMIZED WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS.

Macnica Display Part Number List

Part NumberSizeResolutionBrightnessTechnology Temp
MA-TG240240C02B-C-A1.33240x240278IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG128128S04A-N-A1.44128x128160TN-20 to 70
MA-TG128128S04A-N-B1.44128x128160TN-20 to 70
MA-TG128160S12B-N-A1.77128x160250TN-20 to 70
MA-TG128160S12B-N-B1.77128x160250TN-20 to 70
MA-TG176220S12A-N-A2176x220150TN-20 to 70
MA-TG176220S12A-N-B2176x220150TN-20 to 70
MA-YG240320C23A-N-A2.4240x320210TN-20 to 70
MA-YG240320C23B-N-A2.4240x320210TN-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S28A-N-A2.4240x320550IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S28A-C-A2.4240x320450IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S27A-N-A2.8240x320350IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S27A-C-A2.8240x320305IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S27A-N-B2.8240x320350IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG240320S29A-N-A2.8240x320320TN-20 to 70
MA-YG240320C10A-N-C3.2240x320500TN-20 to 70
MA-TG320240S22A-N-A3.5320x240600IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG320240S22B-N-A3.5320x240500IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG320480S07A-N-A3.5320x480300TN-20 to 70
MA-TG320480S07A-N-B3.5320x480300TN-20 to 70
MA-TG320480S07A-C-A/C3.5320x480255TN-20 to 70
MA-TG480128S01A-N-A3.9480x128550Bar type TFT IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480128S01B-N-A3.9480x128550Bar type TFT IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480800S13A-N-A3.97480x800280IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480800S13A-N-B3.97480x800280IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480800S13A-C-A3.97480x800238IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S16A-N-A4.3480x272450TN-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S16A-N-B4.3480x272450TN-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S17A-N-A4.3480x272700IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S17B-N-A4.3480x272700IPS-30 to 85
MA-TG480272S18A-N-A4.3480x272700IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG480272S12A-C-D/E4.3480x272382.5TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S01A-N-A4.6800x320350Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S01B-N-A4.6800x320350Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S32A-N-A5800x480350TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S33B-N-A5800x480350IPS-30 to 85
MA-TG800480S25A-C-A/C5800x480297.5TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S02A-N-A6.5800x320330Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800320S02B-N-A6.5800x320330Bar type TFT TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S31A/B-N-A7800x480350TN-20 to 70
MA-TG800480S28A/B-C-A7800x480297.5TN-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S07A/B-N-A10.11280x800800IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S07C-C-A10.11280x800660IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S06B-N-A10.11280x800350IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1280800S06B-C-A/B10.11280x800305IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG1024768S04A-C-B10.41024x768261TN-20 to 70
MA-TG1024768S03A-C-B151024x768244TN-20 to 70
MA-TG19201080C02A-C-A11.61920x1080510IPS-20 to 70
MA-TG19201080S02A-C-A13.31920x1080410IPS0 to 50
MA-TG19201080C01A-C-A/B15.61920x1080510IPS-10 to 60


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