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Ruggedized 7.0” Blanview-F TFT LCD is on the horizon

Unveiling the Ruggedized 7.0” Blanview-F TFT LCD Module Ortustech, a division of Toppan, is releasing a 7.0” Blanview-F Display (WVGA) that seamlessly blends FFS mode and Blanview technology. This fusion promises exceptional outdoor visibility and remarkable low power consumption. Key … Read More

Poster adverstising Macnica America at Display Week Los Angeles
Display Week 2023 – Macnica Displays

Display Week 2023: Exhibits MAY 23-25, 2023 | Los Angeles, CA Get ready to experience the future of display technology at Display Week in May! Macnica Displays will be showcasing the latest advancements in display technology, including our own Macnica … Read More

Lilliput CCTV Security Monitors

Lilliput 4K Displays with HDMI/SDI for Real-Time Video Surveillance & Monitoring With over 20 years of providing display solutions, Lilliput understands that organizations have a wide variety of factors to account for when considering monitors for video surveillance systems. Their commercial-grade … Read More

Lilliput TK1560/T & TK2150/T Industrial Monitors

Lilliput TK1560/T 15.6″ & TK2150/T 21.5″ Full HD Touchscreen Specialty Monitors For Industrial & Commercial Applications Bring easy visibility to smart factory and industrial environments with the 15.6″ TK1560/T and 21.5″ TK2150/T Touchscreen Specialty Monitors from Lilliput. Featuring a metal construction and … Read More

Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Module for Outdoor Portable Equipment

Excellent Sunlight Readable LCD for Humanitarian Technology Macnica offers Ortustech 5” & 7” TFT LCD Modules which are ideal for handheld outdoor technology such as drone controllers, portable medical devices or virtually any portable equipment relief workers would use in … Read More

Fitness Equipment Displays
Smart Fitness Displays Advance Wellness

 Smart Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Use Display Technology to Improve User Experience From connected bikes and treadmills to rowing and strength training machines or at-home smart displays, smart fitness equipment is providing a better fitness experience. Most equipment now includes huge … Read More

Safety for High-Touch Display Panels

ANTIMICROBIAL COATINGS REDUCE RISK Concerned about high-touch display surfaces that could be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses? Due to the omnipresence of touchscreens on displays on both private devices (phones, tablets, and laptops) and commercial products and machines, most … Read More

Excellent Sunlight Readable LCDs for Aviation

Ortustech Blandview LCDs Provide Excellent Sunlight Readability for Aviation Applications Macnica now offers 5” & 7” Blanview LCD modules from Ortustech (Formerly Casio) that provide exceptional outdoor readability under direct sunlight, which is ideal for cockpit and infotainment aviation applications. … Read More

HMI or Human Machine Interface

The next step for Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) Powerful and cost-efficient embedded processor technology for the realization of advanced HMI applications For the growing requirements of computing power and visualization in the implementation of HMI applications, TQ offers the right solution: … Read More

Macnica Transparent Interactive OLED Display
Transparent Interactive OLED Displays

We are excited to introduce this 55″ Transparent Interactive OLED Display to the Macnica Line This commercial off-the-shelf 55 inch transparent, P-cap touchscreen display can either sit on a tabletop or be mounted with the included hinges in portrait or … Read More

Global Semiconductor shortage Impacts LCD Market
Global Semiconductor Shortage Impacts The Display Market

LCD module prices rise while lead times go further out. The explosion in demand for certain products like smartphones, monitors and laptops has caused a supply shock triggering an unexpected deficiency in semiconductor component availability. Furthermore, semiconductor supply shortage has … Read More

aerial touchscreen
How has COVID changed your high touch product designs?

Toppan Aerial Touch Screen Technology Aerial Touch Display (Under Development) Vivid images “floating” in the air. Futuristic Non-Contact HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) becomes available by a combination of aerial floating display and air-location detection sensor, like ToF sensor. Aerial Floating Display + … Read More

Ortustech 10.4″ outdoor readable displays are now sampling

Now sampling for evaluation Toppan Ortustech is now sampling its new 10.4″ outdoor-readable display. Driven by Toppan’s proprietary Blanview technology it has the lowest power consumption of any sunlight-readable color display. Contact Macnica Americas for samples and pricing. Newly developed … Read More

Display screen enhancements
Macnica Expands Value-Added Services for Displays

Comprehensive support for a wide range of displays needs including optical bonding SOLANA BEACH, California – February 13, 2018 – Macnica Americas, a North American division of Macnica Group, a global leader in premier semiconductor/component and network/security product distribution, today … Read More

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