Macnica Americas Expands Value-Added Services for Displays



Macnica Americas, a North American division of Macnica Group, a global leader in premier semiconductor/component and network/security product distribution, today announced expanded value-added services for its premium and mainstream display offerings.

Macnica currently provides a wide range of LCD sizes starting from 2 inches and up. The new value-added services enable Macnica to deliver a more complete display solution that accelerates customers’ time-to-market.

The new capabilities include:

  • Touch Screen Technologies: including projected capacitive and resistive touch
  • Optical Bonding: including cover glass and touch drivers
  • Display Enhancements: with options for optical filters and films
  • Integration Solutions: including open frame options and tuning

Macnica focuses on delivering high-quality components and technical solutions to support customers designing video and imaging products ranging from camera technologies to video processing, video transport, and displays. Ortus Technology Ltd. (Ortustech) is Macnica’s premium brand LCD line with “Blanview” technology offering excellent sunlight readability and low power consumption. These are ideal for industrial, medical, automotive, retail and aviation applications. The addition of value-added services for LCDs from Ortustech further enhances their superior performance.

About Macnica Americas
Macnica Americas, Inc. is the North America division of Macnica Inc., a $4B global leader in technology product distribution, high-touch support and complex design services with headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. Macnica Americas offers customers and clients the benefit of their knowledge, experience and proprietary IP produced from working extensively with FPGAs, video transport and video processing technologies. For more information, visit