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Lilliput monitor

Packed with useful features for a wide variety of markets.

LILLIPUT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified research institute and manufacturer focused on monitors for broadcast, multimedia, video, film, security, POS and FPV products across the world. They are a leader in touch screen displays offering enclosed or open frames with a wide range of interface options such as SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and more. Headquartered in Zhangzhou, LILLIPUT has two plants with state-of-the-art Panasonic equipment, a manufacturing capacity of 20-33K/PCS across seven production lines, and 24 years of LCD display experience. LILLIPUT products also have 15 quality certifications.

Lilliput offers:

  • 4K/12G-SDI Broadcast Production and Studio Monitors
  • 21.5” Live Stream Quad Split Multiview Monitors
  • Pro Video and Security Monitors ranging from 7-21.5”
  • Capacitive Touch Screen VGA/HDMI Monitors for industrial application from 7-13.3”
  • Resistive Touch Screen Monitors from 7-15”
  • USB & Type C Touch Screen Monitor Series from 7-14”
  • Able to customize based on client requirements

Macnica offers a variety of services to enhance Lilliput monitors such as Specification Reviews, Project Management, and Customized Warehousing, and Logistics.

Lilliput Part Number List

Part NumberSizeResolutionBrightnessTechnologyInterface
BM150-12G15.6"3840 x 2160300Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
BM230-12G23.8"3840 x 2160300Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
BM280-12G28"3840 x 2160300Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
Q1515.6"3840 x 2160330Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
Q2423.6"3840 x 2160300Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
Q2323.8"3840 x 2160300Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
Q3131.5"3840 x 2160350Non-TouchSDI, SFP, HDMI
PVM150S15.6"1920 x 10801000Non-TouchSDI, HDMI, VGA, Composite
PVM210S21.5"1920 x 10801000Non-TouchSDI, HDMI, VGA, AV
PVM220S21.5"1920 x 1080500Non-TouchSDI, HDMI, Type-C
779GL-70NP/C/T7"800 x 4801000PCAP TouchHDMI, VGA, AV
FA1016-NP/C/T10.1"1920 x 1200320PCAP TouchHDMI, VGA, AV
FA1014-NP/C/T10.1"1280 x 800350PCAP TouchHDMI, VGA, AV
FA1012-NP/C/T10.1"1024 x 600250PCAP TouchHDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
FA1210-NP/C/T12.1"1024 x 768800PCAP TouchHDMI, VGA, AV
TK1330-NP/C/T13.3"1920 x 1080300PCAP TouchHDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
TK700-NP/C/T7"800 x 4801000Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, VGA, AV
TK970-NP/C/T9.7"1024 x 768350Resistive Touch (5 wire)HDMI, VGA, AV
TK1010-NP/C/T10.1"1024 x 600200Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, VGA, AV
TK1040-NP/C/T10.4"800 x 600250Resistive Touch (5 wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
TK1500-NP/C/T15"1024 x 768300Resistive Touch (5 wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
TK1560/T15.6"1920 x 1080100010-point Capacitive TouchHDMI, VGA, AV
TK2150/T21.5"1920 x 1080100010-point Capacitive TouchHDMI, VGA, AV
765GL-70NP/C/T7"800 x 480450Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, DVI
669GL-70NP/C/T7"800 x 480250Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
868GL-80NP/C/T8"800 x 480250Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
FA1000-NP/C/T9.7"1024 x 768420Resistive Touch (5 wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
FA1011-NP/C/T10.1"1024 x 600250Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
FA1046-NP/C/T10.4"800 x 600250Resistive Touch (4-wire)HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV
UM-707"800 x 480250Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port
UM-727"800 x 480250Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port
UM-808"800 x 600250Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port
UM-828"800 x 600250Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port
UM-9009.7"1024 x 768400Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port, HDMI
UM-101010.1"1024 x 600250Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port
UMTC-140014"1920 x 1080250PCAP TouchUSB Port, HDMI
UM-101210.1"1024 x 600250Resistive Touch (4-wire)USB Port


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