Innolux Public Information Displays = Professional, Stretched & Interactive

Innolux Public Information Displays, or PIDs, bring robust reliability even in 24/7 usage.

Innolux PID options include ultra bright, direct sunlight readable outdoor displays with narrow bezel widths that make them great for video walls or digital signage. Innolux’s stretched displays come in a variety of sizes spanning very narrow shelf displays for use in retail to large scale displays suitable for use in airports or train stations. Rounding out Innolux’s line up of PIDs is their interactive flat panel displays with PCAP multi touch capabilities. Interactive displays make an exceptional upgrade in classrooms, offices or even entertainment applications. Innolux Public Information Displays feature high efficiency with low power consumption, LED backlights, real 4K resolution, high durability and reliability, extreme narrow bezels and Plug and Play solutions. If you are looking for a high performance, reliable display Innolux has an option to fit your application.

Key Features of the Professional Series Public Information Displays

  • Advanced LCM design for direct sunlight readability
  • High haze anti-glare treatment for clear images under strong ambient light
  • Ultra slim borders
  • High Tni liquid crystals to reduce black out risk due to long operation
  • Strong durability even with 24/7 usage

Ultra Bright Outdoor Displays

Size (")40 (OC)506585
BrightnessN/A2000 Nits2000 Nits2000 Nits
PolarizerAG 28%AG 28%AG 28%AG 28%


Normal & High Bright Indoor Displays

SeriesSize(")ResolutionBrightnessColor GamutPolarizerPortrait/Landscape
High Bright85/1003840x2160700 NitsNTSC 98%AG ~1%/28%Both
Normal Bright43 (OC) 50/58/65/853840x2160500 NitsNTSC 72%AG ~1%/28%Both
Normal Bright55 UNB1920x1080500 NitsNTSC 72%AG>25%Both


Interactive Flat Panel Displays

SeriesSize(")ResolutionFrame RateBrightnessPolarizerEven Bezel
ISM65/75/854K60Hz400 NitsAG ~1%/28%Yes
IFP OC65/82/85/1004K60HzN/AAG28%


Stretched Displays for Shelves

SeriesSize(mm)ResolutionPower ConsumptionBrightness
S231AJ1-LE2597.4x60.41920x15812W400 Nits
S350AJ1-LE1891.6x60.42880x15819W400 Nits


Stretched Displays for Digital Signage

Brightness500/1000 Nits500/1000 Nits500/1000 Nits500 Nits500 Nits

Visit our Innolux page for information on their standard displays.


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