ePaper Displays

ePaper Display Technology

E-Paper displays use materials similar to those used in the printing industry but incorporates knowledge and technology from the fields of chemistry, physics, and electronic circuitry. E-paper displays use ambient light to illuminate images that are visible under direct sunlight. Innolux ePaper Signage displays are available in 25.3” and 28” sizes, making them ideal for applications in digital signage, electronic shelf signage, public information displays, conference room signage, education and training, and smart home systems.

Key Features of ePaper Displays:

    1. Paper-like Appearance: These displays offer high contrast and sharp text and images, providing a reading experience similar to printed materials.
    2. Ultra-Low Power Consumption: ePaper technology consumes power only when the content changes, making it highly energy-efficient compared to traditional displays.
    3. Wide Viewing Angles: Content remains easily readable from various positions and angles without significant image degradation.
    4. Flexible and Lightweight: ePaper displays are typically flexible and lightweight, allowing for easy installation.
    5. Reflective Nature: These displays utilize ambient light for visibility, making them suitable for bright outdoor environments.

Applications for ePaper Displays:

  1. Digital Signage: Ideal for displaying static or semi-static information, such as product details, directions, or event schedules.
  2. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL): Used in retail environments for dynamic pricing and product information updates.
  3. Public Information Displays: Find applications in bus stop information boards, transportation schedules, and city information kiosks.
  4. Conference Room Signage: Displays meeting room availability, schedules, or details outside conference rooms.
  5. Smart Home Applications: Integrated into smart home systems to display weather updates, calendar events, or notifications.

EPD-2503 Specifications

Resolution3200 x 18003200 x 1800
ColorB/W/R/Y 4 colors (E5)>30k colors (ACeP)
Dimension (mm)602.4 x 353.4 x 37.5602.4 x 353.4 x 37.5
CPU1.3GHz quad core A35
PlatformAndroid 11
I/OUSB-A, Micro USB, RJ45 (LAN), SD Card
WirelessWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4G/5G) + BT 5.1
Wall Mount100 x 100 mm VESA mount
Battery Capacity18650 Li-batteries *4pcs (Prepared by customers)



EPD-028 Specifications

Model NameEPD-028
Screen Size28"
ScreenP/NINX G280AR1-102(ACep)
Display TypeReflective
Resolution3840 x 1080
Ratio32 : 9
Active Area683.52 × 192.24
Weight2.2 kg
Dimension (mm)727.52 x 236.24 x 41.5mm
CPU/ProcessorARM(1.3GHz quad core A35)
Storage16GB EMMC
OSAndroid 11
I/OUSB Type A, Micro USB, RJ45 (LAN), earphone jack, SD Card slot
ButtonPower, WiFi Setting Reset
Mounting TypeVESA 100x100 mm
Power20V/45W adapter
Battery Capacity18650 Li-Battery x 4 (Prepared by customer)
OP Temp.
(Humidity 0%~50%)
+15 to + 35°C
Storage Temp.
(Humidity 0%~80%)
-25 to + 50°C

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