Global Semiconductor shortage Impacts LCD Market

Global Semiconductor Shortage Impacts The Display Market


LCD module prices rise while lead times go further out.

The explosion in demand for certain products like smartphones, monitors and laptops has caused a supply shock triggering an unexpected deficiency in semiconductor component availability. Furthermore, semiconductor supply shortage has caused significant impact on the display market with price increases and extending lead times averaging 6-12 months. Is this semiconductor shortage causing your display lead time to go further out? Are you faced with cost increase from your current LCD supplier?

Why not second source your LCD display module with Macnica?  We still have “reasonable” lead times which will get your finished products back on track and shipping.

How Macnica can help…

  • We can provide LCDs with crossed equivalent driver IC’s that are backlogged from other manufacturers.
  • Macnica displays have shorter lead times
  • We offer Similar Form, Fit and Function in our LCD modules
  • Various sizes and brightness available to fit your application
  • Macnica offers many display add-on solutions
  • Logistics support
  • US based technical support.
  • Competitive pricing to lower your BOM cost.

Learn more about how Macnica can help you through this semiconductor shortage.

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You can also check out this video to learn more about the Macnica Displays Division