Freeform Displays

Macnica provides LCD displays in special shapes and sizes, ideal for wearable devices and instrumentation.

Freeform Wearable lcd displays

Macnica Displays

From our 1.3” round display intended mainly for our wearables to super-wide bar type displays perfect for instrumentation, point of sale and automotive applications, Macnica has just what you need for your product development.

Macnica displays offer high quality, high contrast, high resolution, great color and low power consumption, with quick shipping and low minimum order requirements, all at an affordable cost.
touchscreen used on keyfob

Ortus Technology Displays

OrtusTech also supplies a number of specialty screens perfect for your next product.

They are of special interest to those needing super-bright, high-contrast displays for products used under direct sunlight.

And since they require 60% less power than conventional transmissive displays, they are perfect for battery-powered devices, including cameras, test measurement equipment, medical instruments, POS systems and watches.

For Macnica customization services, see our TOUCH OPTIONS, OPTICAL BONDING and DISPLAY ENHANCEMENTS pages.