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Macnica 3.5 TFT IPS LCD

Macnica 3.5 TFT LCD

Our 3.5“ TFT display is manufactured using IPS technology which offers a wide viewing angle from all directions without color inversion.

The 3.5" module has QVGA resolution that is 320x240 pixels and can be used in both landscape and portrait mode. The 24bit RGB interface allows 16.7 million colors to be displayed, making the display one of the best in its class. A brightness of 500cd/m² should be more than sufficient for most applications and the LED backlight offers a minimum lifetime of 50,000 hours. It has an outstanding operating temperature range from -20° to +70°. This enables the display to withstand a wide range of temperature conditions making it a great choice for a variety of applications such as small handheld devices, white goods, point of sales and light industrial products.

Try our displays in your next product design. Free samples are available while supplies last during the month of March 2021.

PN: MA-TG320240S22B-N-A
Macnica offers a variety of services to enhance our LCD displays, including OPTICAL BONDING, TOUCH SCREEN and COVER GLASS OPTIONS, and CUSTOMIZED WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS.

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