Embedded Electronics


Systems, SOMs, SBCs, CPUs and more

Macnica can supply the electronics you need for your next project, ready to embed into your system or the display housing.

Our offerings include:

  • Systems (enclosed), System boards (SBCs), System on Modules (SOMs), and standard CPU modules
  • A wide variety of architectures: x86, ARM, QorIQ Layerscape, Power Architecture
  • A/D boards which performs the analog to digital conversion
  • Common display interfaces: LVDS, eDP, HDMI and more
  • Integrated and fully custom solutions: displays, housings, electronics
  • Small footprint
  • True extended life
  • Wide range of processing capabilities including acclerators
  • Quality components with certifications for industrial, medical, aviation and other applications

TQ Embedded Modules and Systems

TQ-Systems high quality embedded modules (SOMs) and systems feature:

  • A wide variety of architectures including x86, ARM, QorIQ Layerscape, Power
  • An extensive list of certifications for industrial, medical, aviation, and more
  • High end processing in form factors the size of business cards
  • Extensive IO options and custom configurations
  • True long-life support: 15+ years

iEi Embedded Computers and Systems

iEi Integration Corp offers standard and customized embedded computing platforms, including:

  • Smallest footprint systems and boards (SBCs)
  • AI and video accelerator computing platforms
  • An extensive healthcare/medical processing portfolio including panel PCs and tablets
  • Industrial, networking and transportation processing solutions
  • Integration, customization, and turnkey development of displays, processing, and mechanical components

iBase Industrial PC and Signage products    

iBase Technology designs and manufactures a broad array of industrial PC products, boards and industry standard modules, including:

  • Single board computers (SBC’s), systems and motherboards
  • Standard modules: COM Express, QSeven, ETX
  • A high end digital signage processing leader - extensive portfolio
  • GPU accelerator computing platforms
  • Custom configurations available

Lantronix Embedded Solutions 

Lantronix offers a range of embedded computing solutions, including production-ready SOMs. These fully-featured single board computers are designed for easy integration into your product. They allow a shortened time to market, lower development costs, and easier production life cycle management.

Among their offerings is the Open-Q 2100 SOM, which is ideal for use in wearables:

  • Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 processor includes a Quad Core 32-bit ARM®Cortex® A7 CPU and Adreno GPU providing high performance, energy efficiency, multimedia features, and integrated connectivity
  • Also includes 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash, built-in Wi-Fi, BT 4.1, and GPS; together with USB 2.0 and multimedia I/O
  • OS support includes optimized Android™ for Wearables
  • The entire SOM is Ultra-compact at just 15 x 31.5mm


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