About Macnica Displays

Macnica Displays is a division of the $10B Macnica Group that specializes in LCD display solutions for OEMs.

Macnica Displays offers a wide variety of high-quality LCD panels and modules and customization services that are perfect for industrial, medical, point-of-sale, and consumer applications.

We also offer specification review, project management, technical support, testing and troubleshooting, warehousing, distribution, and lifecycle management services to ensure your product development and manufacturing programs are most profitable.

About the Macnica Group

At Macnica, we take pride in our role as a global leader at the intersection of technology and intelligence. Our commitment lies in uniting partner technologies with Macnica intelligence to craft innovative, future-proof solutions that drive businesses forward. With a vast network of over 230 technology partners and a legacy of serving more than 18,000 customers, we excel in defining optimal uses for cutting-edge technologies. Our unparalleled access to the finest technologies, coupled with a global presence spanning 85 bases across 23 countries, positions us as a reliable force in the ever-evolving landscape. Rooted in deep, trust-based relationships with partners and customers, we go beyond understanding products to comprehending unique needs. Our diverse team of engineers, data scientists, researchers, and specialists collaborates seamlessly, offering end-to-end support and co-creating tailored solutions. As an innovative force, we thrive on cross-fertilizing ideas and techniques across industries and borders. Macnica stands as a beacon of reliability, providing timely access to emerging technologies and markets, and delivering advanced, customized solutions that propel our partners and clients into the future.

  • Founded 1972 in Yokohama, Japan
  • A subsidiary of Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange 3132)
  • +3,900 employees at 85 locations worldwide
  • 30% of employees are engineers
  • More than 230 technology partners
Macnica Office