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The Best LCD Displays

Macnica offers the best flat panel displays together with unique customization and fulfillment solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Whether you need a raw LCD or a full assembly with touch-sensitive film, cover glass, and custom bezel silk-screened with your logo, in one delivery, or with warehousing and logistics support, we’re here to help.

We offer Innolux displays in sizes from 3.5” to 120” diagonal, ideal for medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications, from smartphones and laptops to control panels, instruments, and digital signage displays.

Our OrtusTech offerings provide small to medium-sized displays perfect for watches, mobile phones, cameras, industrial controllers, robotics, test instruments, and machinery.

Macnica displays offer a cost-effective solution for any commercial, medical, or consumer product that requires high quality and fast turnaround, in sizes from 1.33” to 15.6” diagonal.

Lilliput is known for high-quality 4K LCD monitors for broadcast, multimedia, film, security, industrial, POS, and FPV products across the world. They are a leader in touch screen displays offering enclosed or open frames with a wide range of interface options such as SDI, HDMI, USB, and Type-C.

monitor screen used with robotics


Innolux Display

Ortus Technology

Macnica Display

LG OLED Digital Signage

Boasting the cutting-edge features and modern design, LG Commercial OLED Displays redefine a whole new way of delivering an ultimate viewing experience to enhance engagement with the audience.

LG OLED technology doesn’t require a backlight unit or a liquid crystal layer so it offers a flexible design with unbelievably lightweight and slim features. You can differentiate your end product in a variety of ways with beautifully curved or transparent displays. OLED open frame panels are available from 48" to 77" and transparent panels or monitors are available in 55" size.

LG OLED Panels

Display enhancements

Need a custom backlight or a laminated coating to improve brightness and contrast?

How about an antiviral coating to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and other pathogens from your products with a touch-screen interface?

Macnica will customize your displays to meet your requirements, providing special surfaces, custom backlights, waterproofing, private labeling and custom fabrication services, with all work performed here in the United States.


Touch Screen Options

Macnica can bond a variety of touch screens to your raw LCDs, then tune and calibrate them for your application. We offer:

  • PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touch)
  • Resistive Touch
  • Surface Capacitive Touch
  • Infrared (IR)
dark touchscreen
outdoor touchscreen atm

Cover Glass

We can also bond a glass cover to your display,  whether to carry a touch sensitive layer, protect the display, or both. Depending on your application, we recommend:

  • Gorilla Glass
  • Dragontrail Glass
  • Soda lime glass

Optical Bonding

We use the latest technologies to bond touch screens and cover glass to your new displays, with all work completed in the United States.

  • OCA, or dry bonding with optically clear adhesive
  • OCR, or wet bonding, with optically clear resin
  • Air Gap, using double-sided tape
display enhancement concept
embedded electronic boards

Embedded Electronics

Macnica can supply the electronics you need to drive your display, or provide a complete solution with display, single-board computer and enclosure. We supply embedded electronics from:

  • TQ-Systems
  • iEi Integration
  • iBase
  • Lantronix

Macnica Solutions Specialist Team

Macnica is at your service, providing end-to-end display solutions to better meet your clients’ needs and improve your bottom line.


Specification Reviews

Our service begins with product recommendations, searching available displays and enhancements to best meet your requirements.


Testing and Troubleshooting

Our services continue throughout your product development and into mass production, providing support should the unexpected occur.


Warehousing and Logistics

We can set up a custom distribution program from our ISO 9000 certified warehouse, with long-term storage to mitigate product obsolesce.


Local support in the USA

Our staff, warehouse and production services are all located in the United States, providing fast efficient service and minimizing import and regulatory costs.