OEM solutions for manufacturers using LCD displays

Industrial, medical & specialized displays – customization – fulfillment services

Macnica Featured Products

Macnica offers the best flat panel displays together with unique customization and fulfillment solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a raw LCD or a full assembly with touch-sensitive film, cover glass, and custom bezel silk-screened with your logo, in one delivery, or with warehousing and logistics support, we’re here to help.


TFT - LCD Displays

  • Sizes from 3.5” to 100”
  • Options include narrow bezel technology perfect for video wall applications.
  • Widely used in industrial, medical and consumer applications, with larger displays popular for digital signage.

Macnica Displays

Cost-effective LCD Modules

  • Cost-effective LCD displays
  • Low MOQ
  • Sizes from 1.33” to 15.6”
  • Very high quality, with high contrast, high resolution, great color and low power consumption.

Ortustech Displays

Daylight Visibility

  • Small and medium-sized
  • High-quality TFT LCDs
  • Blanview Technology - exceptional low-power sunlight readable color and contrast
  • Great for environmentally demanding industrial applications.

Lilliput Monitors

Broadcast and Security Monitors

  • 4K/12G-SDI Broadcast Production and Studio Monitors
  • 21.5” Live Stream Quad Split Multiview Monitors
  • Pro Video and Security Monitors ranging from 7-21.5”
  • Resistive Touch Screen Monitors from 7-15”

LG Displays

OLED Digital Signage

  • Perfect Black shows all vivid colors and even fine details in the dark
  • 100% color accuracy that matches exactly what you see with your eyes
  • 100% pixel dimming
  • Wide viewing angle

Display Enhancement

Customize any LCD Display

  • High-bright backlights for sunlight readability
  • Extended-color backlights for a larger color gamut
  • Low-profile designs when a thinner display is needed
  • Anti-glare/anti-reflective surfaces

Optical Bonding

Bonding Services

  • OCR, or wet bonding, with optically clear resin
  • OCA, or dry bonding, with optically clear adhesive
  • Air Gap, using double-sided tape
  • Available for displays from 1.33” to 100.0” diagonal.

Touch Screen Solutions

Sizes from 1.33” to 100” diagonal

  • Projected capacitive touch
  • Resistive touch technology
  • Surface capacitive touch
  • IR touch

Embedded Electronics

Systems, SOMs, SBCs, CPUs and More

  • A wide variety of architectures: x86, ARM, QorIQ Layerscape, Power Architecture
  • A/D boards which performs the analog to digital conversion
  • Common display interfaces: LVDS, eDP, HDMI and more
  • Quality components with certifications for industrial, medical, aviation and other applications

Macnica Solutions Specialist Team

Macnica is at your service, providing end-to-end display solutions to better meet your clients’ needs and improve your bottom line.


Specification Reviews

Our service begins with product recommendations, searching available displays and enhancements to best meet your requirements.


Testing and Troubleshooting

Our services continue throughout your product development and into mass production, providing support should the unexpected occur.


Warehousing and Logistics

We can set up a custom distribution program from our ISO 9000 certified warehouse, with long-term storage to mitigate product obsolesce.


Local support in the USA

Our staff, warehouse and production services are all located in the United States, providing fast efficient service and minimizing import and regulatory costs.